WATCH: Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Betraying 'Alpha Males' With His New Diet?

Why is the 'Terminator' star encouraging people to eat less meat?
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There are certain things audiences around the world expect to hear from Arnold Schwarzenegger - 'hasta la vista' anyone?

But the bombshell about consciously 'eating less meat' - and encouraging others to do the same - was not one of them.


For many, Schwarzenegger represents a certain type of masculinity or 'macho-ness' (by no means the only definition of what masculinity is or should be, rather one specific interpretation).

The ideas of eating animals often ties into bodybuilding or being muscular (although as we know, that is a myth - Arnie himself has spoken about 'vegetarian bodybuilders who grow strong and healthy').

So what could make Arnie turn his back on meat, and consciously choose to be a reducer?

Watch this PBN video to find out more...


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