Watch: 'Carnivore' Diet Doctor .vs. Vegan Health Gurus

Can you be healthy living on a zero-carb diet?
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PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell tackles the contentious topic

PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell tackles the contentious topic

A zero carb advocate, who follows all-meat diet, recently courted controversy following the results of his blood test.

Shawn Baker - a former doctor who lost his medical licence - has followed his 'carnivorous' diet for around a year and a half.

Baker has said he has 'exhibited very good health and function' since ditching all non-meat foods.

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Blood work

Baker recently shared the results of a blood test while appearing on The Paleo Solution Podcast.

Some of the numbers he shared provoked controversy - particularly among vegan content creators on YouTube, who say they point to potential poor health issues.

In this video, Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell looks at the conflict. After looking at the blood test results, he says: "No thriving population in human history has lived on a low carb diet."

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