WATCH: Activist Earthling Ed Has 10 Minutes To Convince Man To Try Veganism

The eloquent advocate shared his thoughts on how to create a vegan world
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Earthling Ed in action

Earthling Ed in action

Vegan activist Earthling Ed has shared a video of himself trying to convince a man to try veganism - in less than 10 minutes.

The man is question is called Rick - the father of one of Ed's friends.

Ed says: "We're going to chat about veganism. Rick has been talking to me about some of the things he's been thinking about veganism to do with industry and the money behind it."

'Fighting a bohemoth'

Rick adds: "My realization is that veganism is a little bit like fighting drug addiction. We all know that people shouldn't be on heroin. But there's huge amounts of money behind drugs, behind sugar, behind alcohol that encourage it, promote it, stimulate it.

"So veganism is really a grassroots movement, and there might be some culinary arts behind it that will support it.

"But essentially you're fighting a behemoth industry that lives off using animals to produce food. So you've got a tough one."

You canwatch the full video here