New Virtual Reality Project Lets People Talk To Animals To 'Open Their Hearts And Minds'

The creators asked 'what would happen if animals asked why we eat them?'
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The experience will open hearts and minds (Photo: PETA)

The experience will open hearts and minds (Photo: PETA)

Animal rights charity PETA has launched a new virtual reality experience.

'Eye to Eye', created in cooperation with creative agency Kolle Rebbe and digital agency Demodern, allows humans and animals to 'meet on equal terms in order to start a dialogue that will open eyes and hearts'.

According to PETA, it was inspired by what would happen if we could have a conversation with animals - how would we respond if they ask us why we lock them up, eat them, or turn them into clothing?


Hendrik Thiele, PETA Germany's Head of Creation and Major Projects, explains the idea behind the project, saying: "We're living in a tech-loving world.

"Virtual reality gives us the chance to reach out to people who've never thought about animal rights before, or only briefly.

"Part of the strategy is to celebrate the premiere of 'Eye to Eye' at the internet and technology conference re:publica in Berlin."

You can watch a video of Eye to Eye here