Vegans Moby And Rich Roll Appear At Conference With George Bush

The Nantucket Project brings together leaders from a number of fields
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Former US President George Bush, vegan athlete Rich Roll and musician Moby

Moby suggested an attempt to turn Bush vegan (Photos: Facebook)

Famous vegans Rich Roll and Moby are appearing at a conference also featuring George W. Bush this weekend.

The Nantucket Project (TNP) - an annual meeting of the minds focused on 'live talks, short films, and unforgettable experiences' - aims to bring 'thinkers, creators, and performers' together, from a number of different fields.

'Converting' Bush

Musician and activist Moby took to Twitter to announce that the unexpected trip would all be appearing at the event.

He wrote: "No joke, I’ll be sharing the stage at @thenantucketproject with @richroll and @georgewbush, maybe Rich and I can convert GW to veganism?"

Roll, on the other hand, simply wrote that it would be 'an interesting weekend'.

Rich Roll Endurance Athlete

Roll said he was anticipating an 'interesting weekend' (Photo: Instagram)


At the event, Roll spoke to his personal transformation - and how he went from addict, to food-addicted lawyer, to the athlete and influencer he is today.

Commentary on the TNP Facebook page said: "Rich Roll - ultra-endurance athlete, author, podcast host and committed vegan - inspired the crowd at #tnp8 with his talk on human transformation and why it's available to us all."

Topics touched on by other speakers include parenthood, the 'me too movement,' and race relations.