Vegan Teen To Walk 1,000 Miles For Animal Charity

The adventurous youth says his first days were filled with 'pains, ailments and light headedness'
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Jack Mackey 1000 Mile Fundraiser

Mackey enjoyed a pint of newly veganized Guinness upon his arrival to Aberdeen (Photo: Facebook)

vegan Jack Mackey has just passed the halfway mark on his 1,000 mile fundraiser
walk for 'abused, abandoned, and neglected' goats.

Sanctuary for Goats

Mackey has hit
his £1,000 goal even before completing his London to Aberdeen roundtrip, the whole
of which will go to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats.

The rescue
currently provides care for 260 goats, 140 of which reside at the sanctuary.

'Love and kindness'

description on the fundraiser page reads:
"At Buttercups goats that have been
mistreated and abused, starved and abandoned, are taken into care, giving them
an environment of love and kindness.

"Here their
'hurts' can be treated and their experience of cruelty is replaced with
understanding and trust."

Goat Sanctuary Fundraiser

Mackey has already raised £1,000 for the sanctuary

'Chronically underprepared'

Mackey has
been surviving on gas station vegan snacks, camping, staying at friends', and 'couch surfing' for
the journey he said he was ‘chronically underprepared for the magnitude of’.

He added: "The
first 4-5 days were definitely the toughest, especially after the suicidal 49
mile first day to Cambridge, and I was getting all kinds of pains, ailments and
light headedness."

You can contribute to Mackey's chosen cause on the fundraising page he has created for the event.