Vegan Star Moby Reveals 'Dirty Little Secret'

He doesn't want 'the cool kids' to know...
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The musician has been baking for years

The musician has been baking for years

Vegan icon Moby has shared what he described as his 'dirty little secret'.

Taking to Instagram to share his secret, the star wrote: "Please don't tell the cool kids, but I love baking bread. 

"It started in the 80's when I was a new vegan and squatting in an abandoned factory. I couldn't afford store bought bread, so I learned how to make my own."


According to the star, it is surprisingly straightforward to bake your own bread.

He said: "It's so simple: whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, water. 

"And I learned back then that I could make a loaf of bread for around .15 cents. 

"We all have our dirty secrets, this is one of mine."


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