Vegan Star Miley Cyrus Loses Home In California Fires - But Saves Her Animals

She has called on her followers to donate and help others
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Vegan celebrity Miley Cyrus

Cyrus lost her home - but saved her companion animals

Vegan musician Miley Cyrus has lost her home to California wildfires.

Writing on Instagram stories, the star said she was 'devastated' by the fires affecting her community.

Around 30 people are so far confirmed dead in the wildfires in Northern California, with more than 200 still missing or unaccounted for. The fires have greatly affected animals - with companion and wild animals, as well as those kept in zoos, in the danger zone. According to reports, many domesticated animals were left behind when people evacuated themselves.

Vegan star Miley Cyrus

The star posted the message on Instagram stories

Vegan celebrity

"I am one of the lucky ones," she added. "My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely and that's all that matters right now.

"My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family and friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left.

"Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA country Sheriff's department...I love you more than ever."

Cyrus left a list of links for those interested in donating to help those affected by the fires.