Vegan Countdown Stars Rachel Riley And Susie Dent Call For UK Foie Gras Ban

Almost 80% of people in the UK support a foie gras import ban, according to a new poll by YouGov which revealed that only 10% of Brits have eaten the product in the last 12 months
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Rachel Riley and Susie Dent

Rachel Riley and Susie Dent want a foie gras import ban (Photo: Animal Equality)

Vegan Countdown star Rachel Riley is urging the UK government to implement a ban on importing foie gras.

She, along with co-star Susie Dent, has joined the #FoieGrasFreeGB launched by animal protection agency Animal Equality.

According to the organization, new figures reveal 79 percent of people in the UK support a foie gras import ban.


In addition, the online polling conducted by YouGov shows that 90 percent of people in the UK have not eaten foie gras in the last 12 months.

Almost a third - 29 percent - of respondents were still unaware of how foie gras is produced, and when respondents were informed or reminded about the process of producing foie gras, 37 percent said they would reduce or end their foie gras consumption.

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Riley and Dent have spoken out about foie gras letting people know about the force-feeding process behind the product, which causes the livers of ducks and geese to swell to 10 times the normal size in just a few weeks.

Riley said: "I'm a massive animal lover, so I think it's brilliant that it's illegal to produce foie gras in the UK. I think it's not so brilliant that you can still import it – so I support Animal Equality's petition to have a foie gras-free GB."

Dent added: "If you eat foie gras, I would really urge you to look at the practice that goes in to producing it. It is totally barbaric and involves force-feeding on the most horrific scale imaginable."