Vegan Celeb Moby Says We Should 'Extend Kindness To Animals'

The activist and artist often speaks up for the animals
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The star poses with a companion animal (Photo: Instagram)

The star poses with a companion animal (Photo: Instagram)

Vocal vegan Moby has shared another pro-vegan message on social media.

The musician and author took to Instagram to post a video of a rescued baby goat as some sage words.

The video shared by Moby


He wrote: "All of the essays about #animalrights can be summed up in one bouncy rescued goat.

"Isn't it always a good idea to extend kindness to animals?"

PBN interviewed activist and artist Moby


The kind message was well-received by his followers.

One wrote: "Seriously kill me dead if I’m ever responsible for a precious animal’s death again.

"Never the same after going vegan and dedicating my entire career to the well being of sentient creatures six years ago."

Another added: "[Kindness] all beings."