Vegan Event To Tackle Environmental Crisis - And What We Can Do

A number of expert speakers will give talks during the event
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A recent Vevolution Topics event (Photo: Vevolution)

A recent Vevolution Topics event (Photo: Vevolution)

A London-based vegan event next week will focus on the environment - and the issues facing the planet.

Vevolution Topics - a spinoff of the acclaimed Vevolution Festival - are a series of monthly events each tackling important topics around ethics, food, veganism, health, and the environment.

The event - which will take place at The Trampery in Old Street on April 10 - will look at a number of questions, including: "How do we tread lightly on the earth? How do efforts to create a plant-based world intersect with environmental initiatives and the global push to slow down man-made climate change?"

Big issues

Vevolution Co-founder, Damien Clarkson, said: "We are living in the midst of runaway climate change and the peak of throwaway society.

"This event is about challenging the status quo and discussing big issues like ocean toxicity, zero waste, the role of animal agriculture in causing climate change.

"We are showcasing the plant-powered people working to re-invent ways of living on the planet - plant-powered sustainable living is definitely now part of the mainstream narrative in creating ensuring a habitable and flourishing planet for future generations."

Vevolution Topics: Environment will take place at The Trampery in Old Street on April 10, between 6.30pm - 10:00pm.

You canfind out more about the event here