Vegan Actor James Cromwell Rescues 100 Turkeys With DxE

The passionate animal rights activist teamed up with the?global animal protection network to save animals from slaughter
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Vegan actorJames Cromwell rescues a turkey

James Cromwell rescues a turkey (Photo: DxE)

Oscar-nominated vegan actor James Cromwell has teamed up with global animal protection network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) to rescue 100 turkeys from turkey farming giant Norbest.

Cromwell was joined by hundreds of activists with DxE, including Founder Wayne Hsiung, for the event which was captured on Facebook livestream.

Two of the activists taking part in the rescue are awaiting felony trial for investigating Norbest.

DxE Founder Wayne Hsiung

Wayne Hsiung and Rick Pitman (Photo: DxE)

Vegan rescue

"The slaughterhouse rescue is the result of an unlikely friendship between [Norbest owner] Rick Pitman and Wayne Hsiung, Founder of DxE and one of the felony defendants," a DxE spokesperson told Plant Based News.

"Rather than continuing their fight in court, Pitman has stated that he does not support the charges, and the two sides decided on a dramatically different path this Thanksgiving: generosity.

"Hsiung, Cromwell, and hundreds of animal rights supporters traveled to Norbest to provide vegan food to the employees of the plant and other locals. Pitman, in turn, released 100 turkeys to the activists in an act of Thanksgiving mercy."

The animals will be taken to local sanctuaries to live out the rest of their natural lives.