Vegan Activists Gather In Hong Kong To Protest The Fur Industry

More than 100 animal rights activists took part in the action which was coordinated by the Hong Kong Ban Fur Trade Movement, in a bid to bring an end to the country's fur industry
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Hong Kong vegan activists protesting the fur trade

Actvists protest the fur trade in Hong Kong (Photo: Supplied)

Vegan activists gathered in Hong Kong last week to put pressure on the government to ban the fur industry.

The protest coincided with the annual Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair, which was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wan Chai between February 15-18.

Campaigners, who want the country to adopt an international trade ban on fur, as well as an import and sales ban on fur and all fur products, handed a petition to Edward Yau Tang-wah, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development at the Central Government Offices, calling on the country to ban the fur trade.

A video from the protest

Anti-fur protest

Around 100 campaigners joined the 'Hong Kong Ban Fur Trade Movement' event, including Lawmakers AU Nok-hin, CHU Hoi-dick and Claudia MO, who gave a speech to raise the awareness of the public regarding fur trade, and prolific activist Richie Kul.

"As we all know, meaningful change doesn't always come easy, but events like this have the potential to awaken hearts and minds and raise social consciousness in a profound and enduring way," Kul told Plant Based News.

"So while the challenge may seem incredibly daunting, I'm left encouraged and hopeful that vital seeds were planted and that Hong Kong will step into the future and join the ranks of other progressive countries, cities and fashion houses that have renounced this shameful blood trade once and for all."

You can sign the petition here