UPDATE: Will UK's First Vegan Cinema Ad Make It On To Screens?

The ad is part of an ambitious campaign by a leading UK animal charity
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Time is running out to make sure the UK's first pro-vegan cinema ad is able to hit screens - and be shown to millions of people nationwide.

British vegan charity, Viva! launched its ground-breaking ‘Bring Hope to Millions’ crowdfunding campaign only a few weeks ago, and is fast approaching its fundraising goal of £100k. 

But with less than a week until the final deadline on October 17, help is still needed to hit the final goal and make sure the ad is seen by as many people as possible.


A Viva! spokesperson said: "This is Viva!’s most ambitious campaign eve,r and has successfully gained the support of a generous anonymous donor, who has promised to match every donation given.

"The moving advert has already been produced, and shows the powerful contrast between the lives of rescued Hope and her piglets in their South Wales sanctuary, and the shocking lives of pigs on UK factory farms.

"This poignant message will tug at the heart strings of vegans and meat-eaters alike. 

"It aims to show people that this is how pigs should live and contrast it with the reality of life on factory farms - where 90 percent of all UK pigs are kept."

Pigs on factory farms are kept in grim conditions (Photo: Viva!)

Pigs on factory farms are kept in grim conditions (Photo: Viva!)


Thousands have supported Viva! to exceed its first goal and reach one million people – and the charity is close to its second, which will mean the ad can reach a guaranteed audience of 1.6 million.

The spokesperson added: "Viva! is giving away some really cool pig-themed goodies to supporters - show friends and family that YOU were part of making this happen. You helped Viva! #bringhopetomillions.

"Help Viva! bring this powerful message to the UK. Be part of this amazing campaign. Please donate and share to the campaign."

The trailer will be produced by PBN Creative - you can find out more here

You candonate to the campaign here


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