Major Vegan Social Center Opens Tomorrow In The UK

The center - opened by Heartcure Collective - will feature a well-stocked library, zero waste store, vegan cafe, kids area, and more
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Heartcure Collective vegan social center

Inside the vegan social center (Photo: Supplied)

The UK's first vegan social center will open tomorrow in Sheffield.

Heartcure Collective, a non-profit community interest company, opened the center which was backed by social investors KeyFund.

Heartcure Collective spent two years planning and fundraising to open the space - which is located in a converted warehouse in the center of town - and features areas where people can study, socialize, and eat vegan food.

Vegan center

The center will have a cafe, zero waste shop, ethical clothing store, a library, and a kids area with a small selection of books and toys.

The library is full of books on animal rights, human rights, feminism, anarchism, and sustainability among others. It will also feature a computer with software for video and photo editing for the community to use.

Wild Ones store will stock ethical clothing and accessories including Heartcure Clothing, wallets and purses made from cork, and Eden Perfumes.

Vegan food on offer at Heartcure Collective vegan social center

Some of the treats on offer (Photo: Supplied)

Vegan community

"The center will focus on animal rights, sustainability, and the environment helping to create positive change,' the Collective told Plant Based News.

"It will also focus on human rights helping support people with mental health by offering support sessions. We will also offer free plant-based cooking classes to those on a low income.

"Through hosting workshops, talks, film screenings and events, we hope to empower people to create change in the world."

All profits will be used to sustain the center and allow Heartcure Collective to hold fundraisers for other local charities for free.