Thousands Pledge To Go Vegan for Lent

They will be leaving animals and their secretions off their plates for 40 days and nights
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Many people have signed up for PETA's pledge (Photo: H?ng Nguy?n)

Many people have signed up for PETA's pledge (Photo: H?ng Nguy?n)

Thousands of people have pledged to go vegan for Lent.

The pledges follow a campaign by animal rights charity PETA. The organization posted a feature encouraging Catholics and all others to keep animals, including fish, off their plates during the 40-day period of reflection.

According to PETA: "In the feature, we note that everyone can improve their health, protect the environment, and show mercy for all animals simply by going vegan."


PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk, said: "God’s design for the world was one in which animals and humans co-existed peacefully and humans were caretakers - not killers.

"Every single person who was inspired by PETA to choose merciful vegan meals for Lent is helping to bring His vision of peace and compassion into our turbulent world."

The charity names Pope Francis its Person of the Year in 2015, after he publicly encouraged his followers to treat animals as kindred beings.