'There's No Humane Slaughter' Says Vegan Game Of Thrones Star Jerome Flynn

The acclaimed?actor spoke out about the suffering endured by farmed animals - as well as how labels like 'free-range' and 'humane slaughter' mislead consumers
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Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones

Jerome Flynn in Game of Thrones (Photo: HBO)

VeganGame of Thrones star Jerome Flynn has spoken out about the benefits of veganism - as well as the enormous suffering endured by farmed animals

"I actually fell in love with somebody at college who was a vegan, and she brought me some PETA leaflets," he says in the video for PETA.

"You know, it was educational stuff about the way animals are treated, and I had no idea. Because I was always an animal lover, but we're not really educated to link the food on our plate to the animals that we love.

"Veganism suits me very well - I don't miss meat at all. I feel great. I believe I'm healthier than most guys my age."

Jerome Flynn talks about animal suffering (Video: PETA)

Animal suffering

The actor also created a PSA video for the animal rights charity, speaking out about the horrific suffering endured by nearly all farmed animals.

"Virtually none of the intelligent, sensitive animals raised for food in Britain or overseas will ever be allowed to breathe fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on their backs, root in the soil, peck around in the grass, or do anything else that would make their lives natural or worth living at all," says Flynn in the video.

"Their lives are miserable from the moment they are born until the day the lorries arrive to take them to slaughter. Yes, at the end of all this suffering, they are hauled off to the abattoir, where the sights and smells of blood and entrails are stomach-turning.

"Please join me in rejecting this cruelty. Join me in choosing healthy, ethical, vegan meals."

You can watch the videos on Youtube here and here