'The Walking Dead' Star Austin Amelio Goes Plant-Based After Watching 'What The Health'

He says he feels better than he has in years
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'Then I gently suggested he watch What the Health' (Photo: AMC)

'Then I gently suggested he watch What the Health' (Photo: AMC)

Actor Austin Amelio has revealed that he recently transitioned to a plant-based diet after watching Netflix documentary What the Health.

Amelio, who's best known for playing Dwight on TV program The Walking Dead, made the comments to a fan during a signing. The fan, who filmed the conversation, then uploaded it to YouTube.

During the video, the actor says he feels better than he has in years - calling the diet 'amazing'.

The star spills the beans on his plant-based diet

Spreading the message

He says: "I watched What the Health 10 days ago. The next day I'm like, 'I'm f*cking done. It's been 10 days - completely vegan the entire time - I feel better than I've felt in years."

He adds that he has already starting inspiring others to follow his lead - starting close to home with his four-year-old, adding: "It's harder for him, but we're getting there."

Amelio says the movie, and some of the health information - including learning about the potential carcinogenic properties of processed meat - 'f*cking blew [his] mind', making him encourage others to watch it too.

He says: "I also made my best friend do it - he's in New York - he's been vegan eight days. It's amazing."

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here