The Pretenders' Upcoming Performance Marks 30 Years Of Activism For Frontwoman Chrissie Hynde

The 'intimate' show will take place in London on April 26
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The rockstar has been unapologetically anti-slaughter for decades (Photo: Instagram)

The rockstar has been unapologetically anti-slaughter for decades (Photo: Instagram)

The Pretenders
are set to play a PETA show at London’s Subterania this month in celebration of
vocalist and guitar player Chrissie Hynde’s thirty years of animal activism.


While Hynde isn't vegan, she has been a vegetarian since the sixties, and an outspoken animal advocate in
collaboration with PETA for decades.

In fact, a
ringing endorsement from the animal rights organization says there is nothing Hynde 'wouldn't do to further the
cause of animal rights'.

Her career
as an activist has led her to participate in countless protests and campaigns wherein
she used her fame to draw attention to a number of crucial animal rights issues.


PETA told
PBN: "Chrissie's committed and fearless work has exposed and halted a long list
of cruelties, helping PETA and its affiliates grow into the world's largest
animal rights organisation."

In 2000, Hynde
was arrested in New York alongside PETA President Ingrid Newkirk after protesting
leather use at fast-fashion giant GAP's flagship store - and was released just
hours before her sold out concert the following day.

Pretenders Concert 2018

Tickets to the Thursday night event can be purchased online for £40.00

Taking on
fast food

The rock
legend was arrested a second time outside of a KFC in Paris, where she joined
PETA in protesting inhumane scalding and defeathering of birds which is
common practice in the meat industry.

stopping at KFC, Hynde also invited fans to join her at protests at a number of
McDonalds locations while on tour.

to PETA, her work helped convince the fast-food giant to stop the inhumane
practice of burning beaks off of chicks, and to add a veggie burger to its


Pretenders are set to perform at 7:30pm on April 26 at Subterania on Acklam

Tickets to
the event can be purchased online for £40.00.