Temperatures Exceed 50C During Heatwave In India: Over 20 Dead

The high temperatures have led to a shortage of water for both humans and animals. The lack of water has triggered many cases of heatstroke
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The extreme heat is leading to water shortages (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

Temperatures in northern India have exceeded a staggering 50C (122F) during a heatwave that has seen more than 20 people die in around three weeks.

Churu, a desert city in Rajasthan, saw the thermometer hit 50.6 on June 1.

Severe heat

Experts from the Centre for Science and Environment in India believe the heat could be a manifestation of an extreme weather event. Intensified heatwaves are a result of rising global temperatures from climate change, scientists have said.

This severe heat could last for up to another week across Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh states, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

Extreme temperatures

Multiple cities have reported fears of water shortages, as the heat causes rivers and lakes have been drying up - leading people and animals without water.

"We have to source water tankers from nearby villages as water reserves, lakes and rivers have dried up," said Rajesh Chandrakant, who lives in Beed - a badly affected area.

"Farmers only get water every three days for their livestock."