Tearjerking Video Shows Rescue Dog's 'Bucket List'

The animal was kept chained up outside - until the final chapter of her life
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Miss Willie at her birthday party (Photo: PETA)

Miss Willie at her birthday party (Photo: PETA)

A tearjerking video showing a rescue dog's 'bucket list' has garnered thousands of views online.

The video, made by vegan charity PETA, shows Miss Willie, a dog who was chained on 'depressing patch of dirt/ in Halifax County, North Carolina for 12 years.

Despite repeated pleas, the dog's human companion would not let the charity remove the animal, so PETA workers often visited to bring a doghouse, bedding, and toys, as well as clean Miss Willie's water bowl and provide much-needed attention.

Miss Willie's bucket list

Bad news

The charity says: "One day, fieldworker Jes Cochran arrived to find the pup coughing, wheezing, and so weak that she was barely able to stand. Then, and only then, did her owner relent and surrender Miss Willie.

"We took her to the vet, but the news was grim: The little dog was suffering from end-stage heartworm disease, lung tumors, two tick-borne diseases, and other ailments. She had only weeks to live."

Cochran created a 'bucket list' for the animal - including a canoe ride, beach trips, and trying out vegan pizza. "16 fun-filled days after her rescue," PETA says. "Miss Willie died peacefully, surrounded by people who loved her."

The last 16 days of her life were the best (Photo: PETA)

The last 16 days of her life were the best (Photo: PETA)

Ban chaining

The charity is now working to get chaining banned in Halifax County 'so that no other dog will have to suffer chained up, forgotten and lonely, for 12 long years as Miss Willie did'.

As part of its campaign, it has launched a booklet which discusses the need for tethering ordinances, and informs those who want to initiate change.

It says: "You are encouraged to use [the text in the booklet] however you wish, including in letters to the editor of your newspaper in response to stories about neglected dogs or dog attacks and in correspondence with your local officials about passing laws in your hometown.

You can watch the full video of Miss Willie on YouTube here

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