Sustainable Brand Launches Vegan Period Underwear And Swimsuits

The period wear, which is made from bamboo and cotton, offers a more eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads.
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Modibodi periodwear

Modibodi makes a range of reuseable period wear products (Photo: Modibodi)

Sustainable company Modibodi has launched a vegan line of reusable period wear products.

The new range, which is made from cotton and bamboo and includes underwear, swimwear and activewear, is an alternative to disposable environmentally destructive traditional tampons and sanitary towels.

Many period wear products - including those in Modibodi's other lines - feature animal products including merino wool.

Vegan period wear

"Period panties have many other names – such as period underwear, menstrual underwear, reusable period pants and leak-proof underpants – but they are all essentially the same thing," says Modibodi.

"They work in a similar ways to that of a pad (being that nothing has to be inserted inside to collect blood), but rather than ripping a used pad out and sticking a new one in every couple of hours, period underwear has an absorbent gusset that collects the flow instead.

"While some worry that you have to change period panties multiple times a day (like you would a pad or tampon), most Modibodi customers report that they can stay in one pair of leak-proof undies all day long – simply changing into a new pair to sleep in if they want overnight protection."