'Super Vegan' Jade Novah Encourages People Of Color To Ditch Animal Products

The singer-songwriter talks about animals and shares some of the benefits of a plant-based diet during a video made with charity PETA
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Vegan Jade Novah

Musician - and vegan - Jade Novah (Photo: PETA)

Musician and self-proclaimed 'super vegan' Jade Novah has teamed up with animal rights charity PETA to promote veganism.

Novah, who started her career as an R&B songwriter, went viral with her covers of hit songs by singers including Beyonce and Rihanna before releasing her own album. She is now about to launch her 'Cosmic Love' tour in New York.

The slogan for Novah's campaign is: "Live in Color - Go Vegan for Life."

Jade Novah's pro-vegan campaign

'Super vegan'

"I am super-vegan, y'all," Novah says in the campaign video, who reveals that she turned down an endorsement deal with a leather company, as it violated her ethics, and describes animals as ‘friends not food’.

"A part of black culture specifically is soul food," she says. "When I told my parents I was vegan, they couldn't even fathom that. When I go home for the holidays, there’s meat in the vegetables. I'm like, 'Mom, did you put ham hock in the collard greens?'"

Speaking about learning about animal agriculture, she adds: "I think getting the information, watching the documentaries, really understanding the whole propaganda behind the meat industry and the animal industry in general - there's so much corruption in it...gives you this mental clarity."

She also shares some of the benefits of going vegan: "My husband, he actually lost 75 pounds," she says. "We both actually lost a lot and have maintained our goal weight since being vegan."

You can watch Jade Novah’s full video here