New Service Launches Linking Vegan Temp Staff With Ethical Businesses

VeganTemps is the second product created by London tech startup Xarista which launched 'The Vegan Filter' - a browser extension - earlier this year
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The service matches those seeking temp work with like-minded businesses (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)

A new service bringing vegan temp staff and vegan companies together is now live.?

VeganTemps was founded by London tech startup Xarista - which launched its service The Vegan Filter, for faster vegan shopping on retail sites such as Sainsbury's and Ocado, last month.

Xarista says its new launch is the 'first service worldwide dedicated to the rapidly increasing market of temp opportunities in the vegan community'. It says vegan business owners will benefit as it is a 'time-effective solution for vegan companies to move that critical step forward' when it comes to finding staff.

Vegan businesses

"The next generation looks for the next generation businesses," Isabella Aberle, creator of VeganTemps, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News

"It's in vegan businesses where they can combine their passion and commitment to do good, with gathering professional experience in a fast-paced environment – and more and more often from wherever they are." 

Xarista adds that with a tradition in temping and one of the highest concentrations of small businesses worldwide, the UK is the perfect home base for VeganTemps. However, candidates applied from as far as Australia, the US and Brazil.