Rapper Grey and Jane Velez-Mitchell Appear In Plant Based News' First Vlog

A new PBN series will show viewers behind-the-scenes footage
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Plant Based News has published its first-ever vlog.

The video features PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell, who is currently in Los Angeles, interviewing award-winning vegan journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Viewers are also treated to an appearance from top vegan rapper Grey - who became famous when his Thanksgiving Rap went viral in 2016.

PBN's first vlog. Subscribe to PBN's YouTube Channel here

'Something new'

While PBN will continue to feature the interviews and news videos it has become known for, Mitchell felt it was time to offer the audience an additional new format.

He said: "The YouTube page has been running for more than two years now, and after interviewing a lot of people, it was time to try something a bit different.

"There are more vlogs in the pipeline - so stay tuned. Coming up, we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes vlog at the Beyond Meat labs."

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here