Rapper Drake Hints He's Plant-Based In Social Media Post

Fans can't work out if he's joking or not
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Drake suggested he's vegan (Photo: Instagram)

Drake suggested he's vegan (Photo: Instagram)

Rapper Drake has left fans guessing over whether he is following a plant-based diet, after he made a cryptic post on Instagram.

The star, who has come under fire from animal rights charity PETA in the past, after teaming up with fur company Canada Goose, posted a photo of him and a friend in an argument, with the caption: "If two vegans are angry at each other...is it beef?"

The joke prompted speculation over whether he has ditched animals products - and whether it is a result of his friend Beyonce following a plant-based diet as part of her prep for music festival Coachella.

Drake's post on social media

Drake's post on social media


Various media reports have referred to the joke as 'corny', but Drake's fans loved his sense of humor, throwing in some puns of their own.

One replied: "Nah bro, you just need to 'squash' the conflict."

Another added: "Nah don't worry bout it man, just leaf it alone."