'Power Rangers' Star Ludi Lin 'Comes Out' As Vegan

The acclaimed actor said being vegan for more than three years hasn't 'hindered' his performance
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'I love animals and they love me right back' (Photo: Instagram)

'I love animals and they love me right back' (Photo: Instagram)

Chinese actor Ludi Lin, who has featured in movies including Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, and Aquaman, has 'come out' as vegan.

The star made the announcement in a recent Instagram post, whilst also changing his bio to include the hashtags 'Human One' and 'Vegan Strong'.

'Good in every way'

"I'M OUT! As a VEGAN. Can't hold it anymore. It's been three years since I've EATEN ANY ANIMAL. NO COWS, NO PIGS, NO FISH, NO EGGS, NO DAIRY. Yes, they all COUNT," Lin said to his 158,000 followers.

"It's been good in every way, head heart, and body. Take it from someone who hasn't even had a cold in [more than] three years. Plus I love animals and they love me right back

"Clearly it hasn't hindered my performance in the least. So that's that. We're all feeling this viral crisis right now, if anyone thinks this is something they want to do for their health, for the environment, a better future, ask me any questions anytime you see vegetables in my picture. I’ll do my best to answer."

In the comments section, Lin also said that he supplements both B12 and iron, and that his primary source of protein is hemp.

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