Police Gather Round To Listen To Vegan Activist At Animal Vigil

They bear witness to the last minutes of the animals' lives
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Police bear witness to the animals (Photo: Joey Carbstrong)

Police bear witness to the animals (Photo: Joey Carbstrong)

Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong has shared a video on his YouTube channel showing him engaging with police officers at an animal save vigil.

The activists asks the police to come and look at the animals as they are driven into a slaughterhouse.

'Didn't want to die'

They gather round the truck as Carbstrong explains: "We see the innocence in the animals' eyes - they obviously don't know what is going to happen to them.

"This is the last interaction they will have with humans.

"We take footage and show it to people: this is your food, it had a face, and they didn't want to die.

"They are getting slaughtered against their will, and they didn't want to be killed.


Speaking to the police after animals had gone into the slaughterhouse, Carbstrong dwelled on an interaction he had with a worker.

He said: "I don't think he's a criminal - he's been socially conditioned into violence.

"Consumers want to eat animal's bodies, but it's unnecessary - there are alternatives for everything."

Carbstrong asks the policewoman whether she thinks it's necessary for animals to be killed.

"Don't really have an opinion on it," she says.

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here