Piers Morgan Blasts New Vegan Cornish Pasty - Says It 'Stinks'

The outspoken TV host often complains about veganism, previously branding high street bakery Greggs 'PC-ravaged clowns' for launching a vegan sausage roll
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Piers Morgan

The host did not enjoy the vegan pasty

TV host Piers Morgan has lashed out at vegan food again - this time saying a new plant-based Cornish pasty 'stinks'.

The pasty, which was launched yesterday by UK supermarket Morrisons, is handmade in Cornwall and replicates its traditional counterpart in flavor and composition, featuring vegan mince and a seasoned mix of potato, swede, and onion wrapped in pastry.

But Morgan is convinced that 'no one' will buy the new option - saying it 'looks disgusting'.

Vegan Cornish Pasty

"It's not a Cornish pasty if it's vegan," he said. It looks disgusting. Cornish pasties have meat in them, that's why they're called Cornish pasties.

"Get it away from me."

Morrisons' vegan Cornish pasty

The pasty launched at Morrisons across the UK yesterday (Photo: Supplied)

Piers Morgan and vegans

Morgan regularly criticizes vegans - branding them hypocrites earlier this year because harvesting crops kills insects including bees.

"You are eating stuff that is caused by exterminating millions of insects. Do you drink almond milk? You know that literally billions of bees get killed to make almond milk?" he said.

"Why would you encourage the slaughter of billions of bees? It's hypocritical."