Anti Vegan Piers Morgan Admits: I Am Doing Veganuary

The host has been outspoken in his hatred of plant-based lifestyles
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The TV name seems to be trying Veganuary himself (Photo: ITV)

The TV name seems to be trying Veganuary himself (Photo: ITV)

Vegan-hating Piers Morgan appeared to let it slip that he is currently trying Veganuary.

The loud host of Good Morning Britain was talking about veganism yet again this morning during a segment about the surge in meat-free dining.

'By default'

After Morgan criticized vegans for being 'ridiculous' show guest and journalist Afua Hirsch said: "You're doing Veganuary, aren't you? No one made you."

To which Morgan - who has reportedly been suffering with a virus recently - said: "I'm doing it by default! I can't eat anything - all I can eat is bananas."

Morgan had said earlier on the show that people should try things like veganism 'quietly' - instead of making a noise through initiatives like Veganuary.

His Co-host Kate Garraway said: "You're not piping down about it and getting on quietly."

Morgan's Twitter rant (Photo: Twitter)

Morgan's Twitter rant (Photo: Twitter)


The shock admission follows a bizarre Twitter rant by Morgan last week.

He wrote: "Just been on a savage vegan-blocking rampage. 

"Can’t be done with radical kale-munchers abusing me for eating meat. 

"Especially given the way they murder poor unsuspecting plants all day long."