'Neglected And Diseased Animals Found At Family Run Farm' Claim Activists

Campaigners say 'humane animal agriculture is infeasible' - even for smaller facilities
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The goat activists named 'Lenny' (Photo: DXE)

The goat activists named 'Lenny' (Photo: DXE)

An undercover investigation at a small farm led to the discovery of 'neglected and diseased animals', according to animal rights activists.

Investigators with grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere [DxE] have released video footage from a visit to what they describe as 'a small, humane-marketed, family-run farm'.


At the facility, which farms goats, they found 'Lenny'.

According to DXE: "Lenny was collapsed on the barn floor in his own feces - unable to move while the other goats backed up against the wall.

"Realizing Lenny needed urgent medical care, the activists rushed him to a veterinarian who diagnosed him with coccidia parasites that were eating him alive from the inside."

The activists found a collapsed animal - who vets said had a parasite


Lead Investigator, Wayne Hsiung, said: "The selling price for Lenny's body would have been about $50, so it would not be profitable for the farm to treat a disease which Lenny was then left to endure.

"This was the most so-called 'humane' farm out of the hundreds I've visited, and what we found demonstrates that so long as we continue to use nonhuman animals’ bodies for profit, they will not be cared for beyond their profitability - if they are cared for at all."

Investigator Matt Johnson added: "'Humane’ standards only convince more people that exploiting animals as things is acceptable, when the exploitation of animals is fundamentally wrong."

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