Musician Will. I. Am. Says Veganism Changed His Life

The star reports massive health improvements on a plant-based diet
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Will. I. Am. Vegan

Will. I. Am says he encourages everyone to try a plant-based diet (Photo: Nicolas Genin)

The Voice
judge Will. I. Am - who made headlines early this year after announcing he'd
gone vegan - has said a plant-based diet changed his life, and is encouraging
others to try it.


The Black
Eyed Peas singer told People Magazine that he lost 20 pounds and improved his health
since changing his lifestyle - a move prompted by a less-than-satisfactory health report from his doctor.

He said: "My
cholesterol came down, my high blood pressure came down. My stress levels came
down naturally. 

"I have more energy. My sleep regimen is awesome."

Blood Pressure and A Plant Based Diet

Will. I. Am. reports lowered cholesterol and blood pressure on his plant-based regimen


self-proclaimed 'VGANG' member, who came from a past of poor sleep and
processed food, maintains that the change in diet was the most important step he took with respect to his health.

He said: "It changed my life, and I would
encourage everybody to have a plant-based regime."