Movement Aims To Make Veganism And Compassion 'The New Normal'

The campaign questions the way we treat animals
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Vegr wants to make compassion #TheNewNormal (Photo: Vadim Fomenok)

Vegr wants to make compassion #TheNewNormal (Photo: Vadim Fomenok)

Vegan organization Vegr has launched a campaign to bring compassion and plant-based living into the mainstream consciousness.

Called #TheNewNormal movement, it asks people to question the social norms around the way we treat animals, forcing them to confront the uncomfortable truths around animal exploitation.

According to Vegr, the goal of the movement is to 'reignite empathy and compassion among those who consider themselves animal lovers'. It also wants to 'normalize the way people think of the vegan lifestyle'.

The campaign makes people look at how we treat animals

Get involved

#TheNewNormal movement is a social media campaign that will take place over Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Vegr Co-Founder Alex Moller told Plant Based News: "People will be spreading their compassion for animals by posting a picture of them affectionately hugging an animal followed by the Hashtag #TheNewNormal.

"If you don’t have an animal to hug, then you can post a picture of a key vegan moment or item together with the hashtag."

To take part people should share a relevant image with #TheNewNormal on social media (Photo: Vegr)

To take part people should share a relevant image with #TheNewNormal on social media (Photo: Vegr)


Moller added: "The campaign is something that we started out of necessity, and something that we thought that not only our vegan community needed, but everyone else in the world, as well.

"As the #MeToo campaign managed to successfully raise awareness about sexual harassment and empower women to speak up, we fully expect #TheNewNormal to grow over the years into something that's unstoppable that will change the views of animal treatment worldwide.

"This movement is powerful because it challenges the notion of what 'normal' really is. And causes a head-on collision between the worlds of true compassion and love for animals."

You canfind out more about #TheNewNormal campaign here