VICTORY: 'Horrifying' Exposé Prompts More Producers To Ditch Badger Fur

Undercover footage revealed animals being beaten with chair legs and abused
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Badger fur industry and Floris London products

Floris is the latest brand to drop badger hair

More top companies have ditched badger hair following the release of disturbing undercover footage of the industry.

The exposé - released by vegan charity PETA - showed the animals being confined to small cages on farms before being violently killed and beaten.

Their hair is often used for paint, make-up, and shaving brushes - but as a result of the footage, luxury perfumer Floris London and US-based LovelySkin have joined Procter & Gamble, and Penhaligon's in pledging to drop the product.

Gentle animals

"Gentle badgers were beaten with crude instruments, cut open, and left to die, all for make-up and shaving brushes," PETA Director Elisa Allen said in a statement.

"Floris London's swift and decisive action in rejecting these hideous blood brushes is sure to influence other companies to follow its compassionate lead."

WARNING: The footage shows animal abuse

Miserable death

"Every badger-hair brush represents the miserable death of a sensitive animal," added PETA Director of Corporate Affairs Anne Brainard.

"By joining PETA's list of retailers that don't sell badger hair, LovelySkin will help prevent badgers from going insane inside tiny cages and being beaten to death for makeup and shaving brushes."