Moby Tags Leonardo DiCaprio In 'Go Vegan For The Environment' Post

He said humans have created an 'apocalypse'
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Actor DiCaprio was tagged in the post (Photo: Instagram)

Actor DiCaprio was tagged in the post (Photo: Instagram)

Musician, writer, and passionate vegan Moby has taken to Instagram to share his views on climate change and veganism.

The star wrote about the link between eating animals and climate change - tagging Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio in the post.

DiCaprio describes himself as an environmentalist - and has invested in plant-based companies like Beyond Meat - but it is believed he is not completely plant-based.

Moby shared this image online (Photo: Instagram)

Moby shared this image online (Photo: Instagram)

Climate change

According to Moby: "The top three causes of #climatechange : oil, coal, and animal agriculture. 

"In addition to direct methane emissions from livestock, if you factor in the energy it takes to grow feed for livestock - and also that 90 percent of rain forest deforestation is to create grazing land for livestock or to grow food for livestock - then 45 percent of climate change is a result of animal agriculture. 

"Personally I'm a vegan to save animals, but even if you don't like animals you should be vegan simply to save our species. This is the apocalypse, and we created it [sic]."

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a vegan advocate?

'Well said'

Many of his followers agreed. 

Vegancouture said: "There will be a time very soon in the future when saving our species will be real talk and veganism is the only solution."

Wildheartdori wrote: "I can't believe corporation evils and non-climate change believers don't see what we see."

Peaceloveandyoga simply added: "Well said Moby."


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