Musician Moby Spreads Vegan Message In Slogan T-Shirt

He often advocates the lifestyle
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Repping the vegan lifestyle

Repping the vegan lifestyle

Musician Moby has spread the vegan message once again - sharing a picture of himself wearing a slogan T-shirt on social media.

The artist and activist posted the image - in which he is about to start gardening - on Instagram.

He captioned it: "Standing at attention before hedge trimming."

One user commented: "It's hilarious to think of my musical and animal rights hero trimming hedges. Cool and hilarious."

Another asked where they could buy his T-shirt.

PBN interviewed Moby earlier this year

Vegan journey

Moby has spoken before about how he started his vegan journey - more than three decades ago.

According to the musician, he had an 'epiphany' while he was playing with his adopted cat Tucker one day, when he was 19 and Tucker was 10.

He said: "In an instant I realized: Tucker has two eyes, and a central nervous system, and an amazingly rich emotional life and a deep desire to avoid pain. 

"And I realized that every animal with two eyes and a central nervous system has a rich emotional life and a deep desire to avoid pain. 

"In that instant I decided that just as I would never do anything to harm any animal, anywhere.

"I became a vegetarian (that was 1984), and then a few years later, in 1987, a vegan."