Moby Sells Record Collection To Benefit Vegan Nonprofit

The musician is set to sell over 1,000 records
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Moby Record Sale

The collection will include autographed copies of his own albums (Photo: Facebook)

Vegan musician
Moby has announced that he will be selling his entire record collection to
benefit plant-based non-profit, The Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine (PCRM).


The records
to go up for sale will include autographed copies of his own albums, as well as
a number of other musicians'.

Reaching a
total of over 1,000 - the records will be available for purchase through online
music dealers Reverb LP.

Musician Moby

Moby recently announced his retirement from music (Photo: Facebook)

Animal activism 

The announcement - shared via YouTube - follows Moby's retirement from music which
he said would allow him to 'work on politics and activism'.

Moby is a
very outspoken animal advocate, and recently took to Instagram to share a
picture with a caption
that read: "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, or
experiment on.

are not ours."