SLAMMED: Meat Lovers BLAST Journalist For 'Controversial' Animal Cruelty Views

A farming publication claimed the idea that farming is cruel is 'controversial'
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Is it controversial to call livestock farming cruel?

Is it controversial to call livestock farming cruel?

Journalist George Monbiot has come under fire from meat lovers who have called his views on animal cruelty in farming 'controversial'. reported on an article by Monbiot published by The Guardian earlier today titled Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming.


In it, Monbiot calls farming a 'monstrosity, writing: "What madness of our times will revolt our descendants?

"There are plenty to choose from. But one of them, I believe, will be the mass incarceration of animals, to enable us to eat their flesh or eggs or drink their milk. 

"While we call ourselves animal lovers, and lavish kindness on our dogs and cats, we inflict brutal deprivations on billions of animals that are just as capable of suffering. 

"The hypocrisy is so rank that future generations will marvel at how we could have failed to see it."


The farming title has referred to these views as 'controversial', claiming: "The article states that livestock farming must end and make way for plant-based diets, and that the vast areas of countryside should be used for rewilding... However, social media has criticised Mr Monbiot's controversial views."

It must be stated that when Monbiot posted the article on Twitter, it received (at the time of writing this article) 267 retweets and 369 likes - and a small handful of negative replies.

Some of the criticism centred around what would happen to the farmed animals if everyone went plant-based overnight.

'Bacon tho' (Photo: Twitter)

'Bacon tho' (Photo: Twitter)


The farming article quoted some of these responses, including Twitter user John Dennison who said: "The article you cite is flawed and biased and bizarrely actually does the job of agribusiness PR. You've been duped by the vegan religion!"

In addition, Gerwyn Owen said: "What a sad place the world would look without farm animals. UK countryside would look a mess. Tourist industry and countryside would suffer"

It also quoted 'Atomic Finger' describing their comment as 'lighthearted' and said: "You'll have to take my Bacon [sic] from my cold dead hand."


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