Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes New Environmental Documentary

The Hollywood heavyweight often speaks out about the planet
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The actor often speaks out about the planet (Photo: Instagram)

The actor often speaks out about the planet (Photo: Instagram)

Leonardo DiCaprio has called on his fans to seek out a new film series about the planet.

Taking to Instagram, the star wrote: "Watch the Environmental Defense Fund's [EDF] new enviro-documentary series on the value of using technology to cut oil and gas pollution."

The EDF is one of the world's largest environmental organizations.


The series - called Technology for Change - features six episodes.

Each focuses on different aspects of how gas and oil wells can harm the environment, and the technology that can be used to reduce this pollution.

According to EDF: "There are approximately 3,500 oil wells located in close proximity to homes, schools and hospitals in Los Angeles. 

"Technology providers, researchers, medical professionals and the people who live near these oil wells are coming together in support of new technologies that can provide real-time pollution data on the oilfields next door."

You canwatch the series here