Leading Vegan Activist Mounts Campaign Calling On Piers Morgan To Stop Defending Animal Abuse

Advocate Joey Carbstrong has taken some of the TV host's arguments against veganism - and criticizes their credibility and validity
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Piers Morgan and Joey Carbstrong

Carbstrong is mounting a strategic campaign

Vegan activist Joey Carbstrong is mounting a strategic campaign asking Piers Morgan why he defends animal exploitation so vigorously.

The campaign - called What Is Piers Defending - looks some of the common arguments against veganism that Morgan uses - for example that eating bread is hypocritical because insects are killed during its production.

Carbstrong has launched this campaign video

Piers Morgan and vegans

"Piers Morgan has been very public in his opposition to veganism, and I've been watching very closely and listening to his arguments and he uses the 'bread' justification to commit atrocities against animals in the food industry," Carbstrong told Plant Based News.

"This campaign is going to be a very systematic response to Piers in a way that hasn't been done before. The campaign will run in the coming weeks, and I really want to show Piers and those who follow Piers what he is actually defending.

"I don't think he truly knows the depth of what he's defending in terms of environmental destruction, the human disease factor, and the systematic abuse and torture of trillions of animals."

You can find out more about the campaign here