Director Kevin Smith Says 'Being Vegan Has Finally Paid Off'

The star continues to celebrate his newfound lifestyle
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Vegan Kevin Smith

Smith has also embraced a more active lifestyle (Photo: Instagram)

Writer, director, and comedian Kevin Smith has taken to Twitter to say that 'being vegan has finally paid off'.

Alongside a clip from Jurassic Park of Jeff Goldblum's character being chased by a dinosaur, Smith commented on seeing the star at meat-free chain Veggie Grill.

He wrote: "Being Vegan has finally paid off: I just saw Jeff Goldblum at my local @VeggieGrill! Makes sense that he's plant-based, considering he was almost eaten that one time…"


In addition to crediting the lifestyle for his celebrity run-in, Smith has praised veganism for improving his health - discussing the topic in interviews and online.

The star reports that he's 51 pounds down, and has restored his blood pressure to healthy levels as a result of his plant-based diet.

He now regularly shares aspects of his new lifestyle online, with one of his more recent posts showing him eating a vegan burger on National Burger Day.

Kevin Smith And His Family

Kevin Smith's daughter and wife are both also vegan (Photo: Instagram)


Smith was inspired to go vegan by his daughter Harley Quinn - who he has publicly thanked for her influence - and by his need to lose weight after a life-threatening heart attack he suffered early this year.

?The star explained on the Joe Rogan podcast that the heart attack - which was the result of complete artery blockage - was caused in part by an unhealthy diet.