Vegan Actor Joaquin Phoenix Says: 'Save The Rhinos' - Help Still Needed

Poaching has increased massively over recent years
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Phoenix often supports animal-related causes (Photo: IAPF)

Phoenix often supports animal-related causes (Photo: IAPF)

Last year actor Joaquin Phoenix launched a campaign aimed at saving rhinos and the people who protect them from being poached - and help is still needed for the campaign to reach its target.

The initiative, launched by the International Anti-Poaching Foundation [IAPF] has a goal of $150,000 - and is almost half way.

According to the group, the situation is dire, with rhino poaching growing by 7000 percent since 2007.

Anti-poaching activists have been attacked with around 1,000 being killed, their homes raided, and a 'campaign of terror' carried out by gangs with suspected links to poaching.


In his video appeal, Phoenix says: "I'd just like to send a message of hope to all the anti-poaching warriors defending rhino and nature in Mozambique.

"You've been violently attacked in your homes, in front of your families, for doing what you believe in.

"Please don't give up - and know that the world is behind you."

Rhinos are under threat

Rhinos are under threat


IAPF founder Damien Mander added: "These rangers are running a successful anti-poaching operation in southern Africa and are now being targeted in their homes, in front of their families. 

"This is unacceptable. We need to demonstrate as a global community...we need to make a stand.

"We need to increase our efforts."

You candonate to the appeal here