Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Visits Sea Shepherd Ship

The ship is working to save the endangered vaquita porpoise
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Corbyn visits The Farley Mowat (Photo: Sea Shepherd)

Corbyn visits The Farley Mowat (Photo: Sea Shepherd)

It has been revealed that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited a Sea Shepherd ship earlier this month.

Sea Shepherd is an international vegan non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. It is well-known for undertaking risky missions in order to save sea life.

Corbyn visited one of the organization's ships - The Farley Mowat - in the Upper Gulf of California.


According to Sea Shepherd, its on-hand deckhand and photographer (known only as 'Tony') gave the Islington North MP a tour of the ship.

The Farley Mowat is currently engaged in Sea Shepherd's Operation: Milagro IV - to stop the imminent extinction of the endangered vaquita porpoise by is returning to Mexico's Gulf of California for Operation Milagro IV.

A spokesperson said: "[Tony explained] the operations on board to locate, recover, and destroy, the illegal nets within the vaquita refuge itself and the wider gill net exclusion zone."

Operation Milagro

As part of the operation, Sea Shepherd is working with the Mexican Government 'to address the urgent need to protect the elusive vaquita before it is too late'.

The group says: "The anti-poaching organization’s vessels will protect the waters of the vaquita marine reserve, remove nets, patrol for poachers, document issues facing this endangered cetacean and continue to collect data to share with the scientific community. 

"The campaign will run through May 2018."


Corbyn was reportedly also interested in the strict vegan diet that everyone eats onboard all Sea Shepherd Ships.

A spokesperson explained: "This in order to offset the carbon footprint of operating diesel vessels, as well as the clear links between the raising of domestic animals for food and climate change and the reduction of bio-diversity in the ocean.

"Sea Shepherd recognises that a vegan diet is the future of environmentalism."

They added that vegetarian Corbyn - who previously said he is eating more vegan meals - complimented the food.