Jamie Oliver Visits Vegan Football Team Forest Green Rovers For 'Friday Night Feast' Show

The celebrity chef cooked a plant-based meal for the players for the episode of the weekly TV series he makes with friend Jimmy Doherty
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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

The chef rustled up a vegan meal for the squad

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver visited the world's first vegan football team Forest Green Rovers to film an episode of his TV show Friday Night Feast.

League 2 team Forest Green Rovers, which is owned by Ecotricity businessman Dale Vince, went vegan at the end of 2015 - under Vince's guidance.

Oliver, who fronts the program with his friend Jimmy Doherty, cooked a meal for the players during his visit, working with the ground's kitchen staff.

Vegan dishes

The dishes on offer included Sri Lankan curry with roasted cauliflower, according to The Sun, which was described by vegetarian FGR midfielder Dayle Grub as 'the highlight' of the meal.

"The food that Jamie cooked on the day was unbelievable and the different flavors he was using," said Grubb.

"I think the curry dish we had was probably the highlight! I'll be watching on Friday, for sure, and hope it comes across well and opens the club up to a new audience."

Jamie Oliver and vegan food

This isn't the first episode of Friday Night Feasts to focus on vegan cuisine - in July the chef filmed a plant-based episode.

"I get quite a bit of grief from vegans online, but that doesn't stop me, because even though you might not like some of the things I do, actually I keep loving you because 60-70 percent of my output is veggie/vegan," Oliver said while speaking about the episode.

"We're trying to take the public - the global public on a stepping stone journey - to eat more veg, more plants, more herbs and fruits...I think the message for me is that we should be eating more plants, eating less or no meat."

The Forest Green Rovers episode will screen on Friday.