Jamie Oliver To Promote Eating 'Less Or No Meat' With Vegan TV Special

Parkour athlete Tim Shieff and television presenter Jimmy Doherty will also appear on the show
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Jamie Oliver vegan special

Oliver said the show is also intended to celebrate plant-based eating (Photo: Facebook)

Famed UK
chef Jamie Oliver is set to air a Friday night special featuring exclusively
vegan dishes to celebrate plant-based eating and encourage
viewers to eat 'less or no meat'.

In a recent
YouTube video
shared by parkour athlete and Ninja Warrior competitor Tim
Shieff, the pair discussed the upcoming episode of Jimmy and Jamie's Friday
Night Feast
- which also features Oliver's long-time friend, farmer and television presenter Jimmy Doherty.

Noting that
the show will approach plant-based dining from a number of angles, Oliver said: "We're celebrating veggies, talking about eating less meat, and talking about
the trends that are happening.

"It's a
mainstream Friday night show that goes around the world and we have the whole
show dedicated to it."

Shieff is a long time friend of Oliver and supporter of his work (Photo: Instagram)

Shieff is a long time friend of Oliver and supporter of his work (Photo: Instagram)

'The right

With Oliver anticipating a largely omnivorous viewership, Shieff
the two would need to work together to deliver the show's message effectively.

Oliver agreed - explaining that the aim of the show is to promote 'eating more plants' and 'less or no meat'.

He said: “We're trying to take the global public on a stepping stones journey to eating more veg."