Heartbreaking Video Shows Vegan Activist Sing Lullaby To Pig On Way To Slaughter

One said the footage was 'crushing'
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A pig in a truck on the way to the slaughterhouse

The pig on their way to slaughter (Photo: Boxtel Pig Save)

A heartbreaking video posted by an Animal Save group shows a vegan activist singing a lullaby to a pig on their way to the slaughterhouse.

The Save Movement bears witness to animals facing death. It documents them as they travel to abattoirs, highlighting their plight - as well as sometimes bringing attention to breaches of welfare.

The video (which you can watch here), by Boxtel Pig Save, prompted an emotional outpouring from many of those who saw it.

'All animals deserve to live'

One commentator wrote: "This is crushing. He's shown love probably for the first time in his life before going to be murdered. You can't even write R.I.P because their body will be mutilated and eaten."

Another added: "This is unhuman. All animal on this planet earth deserves to live peacefully. It breaks my heart."

"Crying here - just like a baby," one person wrote. "This darling knows and responds to touch and love - and to think this baby will just be tortured and all for someone to have bacon - so so terribly sad."

You can watch the full video on Facebook here