Google Hosts Vegan Debate Featuring 'What the Health' Director Kip Andersen

The talk got extremely heated...
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Tension brews between Dave Asprey and Kip Andersen

Tension brews between Dave Asprey and Kip Andersen

Google Talks recently hosted a discussion about diet, bringing together figures from opposite ends of the spectrum.

On ones side of the argument, there was What the Health director and vegan advocate Kip Andersen and plant-based MD Dr. Joel Kahn.

On the other side was Dave Asprey - pro-meat author of The Bulletproof Diet - a low carbohydrate weight loss plan.

PBN's Klaus Mitchell talks about the debate.Subscribe to PBN's YouTube Channel here


With such diverse opinions, the debate quickly became heated.

In this video, PBN's Klaus Mitchell picks out the key moments of the debate - from accusations of drug taking to discussions around killing animals.

He says: "The debate got very interesting...I always find these nutritional discussions really emotional, they can become quite divisive."

You canwatch the full video on Youtube here