13-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized, 4 Bears Killed During Ministry Of Environment Operation

The girl was a bystander during a hunt for 'problem bears'
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Bear Shooting

Four bears were killed in the Ministry Of Environment operation

13-year-old girl was hospitalized, and four bears killed in Jan Lake, Saskatchewan on
Friday, during a hunting operation organized by Canada's Ministry Of Environment.


A bullet fragment reportedly ricocheted, hitting the girl who was standing in the back of a truck nearby, when a Ministry Of Environment 'Conservation' Officer and a member of the public both fired shots at the bears.

She was hospitalized with
non-life threatening injuries.

RCMP Investigation

The incident is under investigation by the RCMP (Photo: Facebook)


All four bears sought by the
Ministry Of Environment were killed.

The organization arrived to the
scene to 'assist' with the bears after being called by two outfitting camps

incident is now under investigation by the Ministry of Environment and the