BMW Designer Creates Fisker - A New Electric Car To Take On Tesla

The car's battery takes just one minute to charge
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Can Fisker rival Tesla? (Photo: Fisker)

Can Fisker rival Tesla? (Photo: Fisker)

The iconic designer behind classics like the BMW V8 and a number of Aston Martins is launching a new electric car.

Henrik Fisker, CEO of Fisker says he has made the 'seemingly impossible, possible' with the EMotion, which he revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to motoring pundits, the car's specs rival those of the Tesla S - making it competition in the electric car business.

400 miles

The new sedan - which has a $129,000 base price - can reportedly recharge in just one minute and then provide 400 miles of range.

It has upward-opening gullwing doors for the front and back, and customizable interior - consumers can opt for vegan leather.

The car, which has 24-inch Pirelli tires and all-wheel drive, comes with four seats - though an extra one can be added - as can a 27-inch curved TV.

The car was unveiled today (Photo: Fisker)

The car was unveiled today (Photo: Fisker)

'Breaking barriers'

Fisker said: "We’ve also made the seemingly impossible, possible with our scientists spearheading the breakthrough in Flexible Solid-State battery technology – which is the next generation in charging everything from your personal cell phone to enabling mass adoption of electric vehicles due to unprecedented ranges and lighting fast charge times.

"We’re incredibly excited to showcase working solid-state batteries and the vehicle, in-person, on such a massive global stage.

"Fisker Inc is about breaking barriers, leading in automotive technologies and ultimately creating the most desirable, functional futuristic electric vehicles."

Fisker has previously said the car will be available 'in low volume' from 2019. While unveiling the EMotion, he added: "[It] will be produced in the United States at a location to be announced during the second half of 2018."