Ex-Vegan Steve-O Blasts 'Annoying Vegans Doing More Harm Than Good'

The comedian and former 'Jackass' star says advocates should consider whether they are 'doing more harm than good' by being 'combative and annoying'
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Former vegan Steve-O said vegans 'can be annoying' (Photo: Instagram/Steveo)

Former vegan Steve-O has criticized 'combative, annoying' advocates, who he says risk doing 'more harm than good'.

The comedian, who has plans to open an animal sanctuary, admitted back in December that he had ditched veganism and become pescatarian instead.

In a recent Instagram post, Steve-O revealed that he's received a backlash from some in the vegan community.

'More harm than good'

"Fuck, vegans can be annoying," Steve-O posted on Instagram.

"To all the combative, annoying vegans who are choosing to attack me for not forcing veganism on my cats, and for not being a strict, militant vegan myself (even though I haven't eaten any meat other than fish for well over ten years), please consider that you’re doing more harm than good.

Maybe stop working so hard to pit people who are on your team against you."

SteveO instagram post

Steve-O's Instagram post


Steve-O received some positive responses to his post, with one Instagram user saying: "There are times when I’m embarrassed to identify as a 'vegan' due to the negative perspective that people have of vegans due to their aggressive means.

"I don't agree with Steve-O personally but I don't feel the need to leave a hate comment and attack him because of his life choices especially because he doesn't eat meat and dairy. Him eating fish one-two a week really doesn’t affect the industry all that much."

Another added: "I’m vegan but overly self- righteous, know-it-all, think they’re helping but they're actually creating bigger divide Vegans are ruining this movement."


A lot of the comments on his post were more negative. One said: "You protested SeaWorld bro. You know fish are sentient and feel pain just like us. They want to live just like us. As a vegan animal rights activist I will not back down. That doesn't make me or anyone else combative but it shows we have compassion which you have been seeming to lack.

"Where did your compassion go? It seems in your post calling out vegans and messages between you and one of my friends makes you the combative one Steve."

"It's about ANIMALS, not people and their self-centered, egotistical ways," another wrote. "Let's remember the ACTUAL victims here, the ones who are senselessly killed for no good reason."

Another user wrote: "You should take a step back and think about the fact that you are currently arguing on the side of animal abuse...It is genuinely disgusting how desperate you are to deflect from the fact that you are completely unwilling to stop abusing animals for the sake of your taste experiences and conveniences."